November 9, 2013

The App for One Minute Meditations

Insight Timer is an app that lets you browse thousand of one-minute meditations from various teachers. Want a technical teacher who guides you through the details? Want a teacher who focuses on letting go of painful emotions? Want to listen to some great music with a few words of encouragement? It’s all there. Give it a shot!

I’ve been using the app for a few years now on recommendation from my brother, and it’s been an awesome complement to my other mindfulness practices. I think the real appeal is in the variety — it’s not all about meditations. There are short music peaces, spoken word pieces, mindfulness practices, religious practices and near silence.

The one minute meditations are particularly effective, especially if you’re in a business environment. Get a second outside, play a one minute meditation and watch how the day changes for you.

After a meditation, there’s an option to see who else meditated with you, which just means they were meditating on the app at that same moment. It’s humbling to see thousands of people at any given time working together to stay calm, from all around the world. And when you see things like this, it’s mind boggling.

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