It adds to the experience to know the story behind the food we eat. I tend to enjoy food more when the story doesn’t involve the suffering of animals.


The story behind the food has a big impact on taste. In this example, wines perceived to be expensive actually taste better.

If you find yourself looking for a more fulfilling story to your food, consider trying a vegan diet.

I think Russell Simmons’ book, The Happy Vegan, does a great job of summarizing the joys of- and arguments for- veganism. Environment, ethics and health: those are three meaningful dimensions of veganism. There are compelling reasons in each category to adopt a vegan diet.

More about my path to a plant-based diet
I’ve been vegan for the past two years and vegetarian for six before that. My wife, Lauren, was the catalyst and we practice together. It is a sukoshi zutsu (little by little) endeavor. When we’re able to enjoy a healthy meal while minimizing the suffering of animals, it’s a true delight.

kale-chipsThat said – when I was young and hadn’t contemplated the source of my food, I was all about the pepperoni pizza and the like. I hope that vegans will show respect to fellow humans in the same style that they hope those people will show respect to animals. It’s important to practice compassion.

My wife Lauren is developing into quite a chef (see the photos). Perhaps in our future we will get involved in veganism potlucks and share the love, but for now we’re mostly quiet and just enjoy our way of living, and I get the good eats.

There are other books and studies to look at. The China Study is an exhaustive study – read a balanced review and critique. Food, Inc is powerful. Vegucated is an interesting take. Cowspiracy looks at the questionable practices of the meat industry. They don’t really sound like a group you’d want to support.

Also, check out these nachos.

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