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I’m always interested in collaborating with others on any kind of an idea. For me, it’s fun to design experiences like…

  • films that elicit moments of clarity
  • new media that engages and surprises
  • events that help us let go and enjoy ourselves
  • mindfulness in any situation

If you’re interested in designing an experience through film, new media, events or mindfulness, find me here or here – I’m pretty flexible and enjoy helping people bring their visions to life in whatever way I can. Here are a few things I’ve worked on.

  • Graduated into the ScreenwritingU Pro Series Alumni in November 2013
  • IMDB Writing Credit for 10 episodes of “Secret Diary of a Call Center Girl” comedy web series in June 2013.
  • IMDB Assistant Director credit for “Suddenly Super” Short Film based out of KW in August 2013.
  • Co-Wrote/Co-Directed “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” Music Video in Montreal in August 2013
  • A member of “12 Angry Filmmakers” film collective
  • Former games Producer for Electronic Arts Los Angeles – helped acquire and build Electronic Arts Waterloo
  • Winner of Toronto Screenwriting Conference Twitter Comedy Contest for this tweet: “My agent asked me for my best treatment so I hugged him and told him he was the bestest agent in town” although I preferred “My last screenplay was what’s called in industry circles ‘a piece of garbage’”



Working on “John Orpheus is Dead” film and music videos with Gada Jane.

Working on “Abe & Barney” comedy web series: Abe and Barney are an odd couple of indebted filmmakers who have to shoot odd-job films with fame-seeking local residents before their ruthless debt collector catches up.

Working on “Rain Drops” and “One Minute of Clarity” short films towards mindfulness

Working in KW with 12 Angry Filmmakers and two other top secret projects to be revealed soon.

Working on first draft of “Noah & Siren”, sci-fi fantasy action/adventure spec script…


Interesting Stuff!

  • I speak decent Japanese after a one year stint working as a “sofuto-kaihatsu” or software developer in Epson Kowa, Nagano, Japan (some days I didn’t speak a word of English!)
  • Graduated Level 1 Mindfulness Without Borders Course
  • Former Managing Editor at Social Times covering Emerging Social Media Trends
  • Co-founder Upp Records music label in Montreal
  • Helped my wife Lauren build her successful Lauren Dugan Social Media Consulting
  • Promotional Music Video direction, editing and planning for The Coloured Lights (download XII here)
  • Founded Level Social Facebook Application Design & Development
  • Interviewer, Director, Editor for Social Times field report videos on social media industry (see Reel)
  • Comedy writer for Jolly Bear Games’ iPad Game “Big City Adventure: Tokyo”
  • Wrote/directed a series of four comedy micro-films for Upp Video Blog such as “Writing a skit” and “Writing a skit 2”

Other Creative Stuff:


Films & TV & Web

Abe & Barney Six Episode Web Series Arc Outlined

Abe & Barney Pilot Episode

Comedians for Hire TV Pilot Outline

Stay Short Film Script for A Priori Productions



From Estoria – Anthology of four action adventure very short stories

Oceanopolis Action-Adventure YA Novel

“The Losers Club” YA Novel Treatment Complete

Sun in the Clouds Short Story for KW Writing Group

Winner of Nanowrimo 2012

When You Could Start Alone Short Story

Started Winter KW Writing Group after Nanowrimo



Series of After Effects original music videos (including Doldrums)

Series of cover music videos with Zamir (including Nothing to Lose)

After two years of touring and writing, completed XII with The Coloured Lights before we all took off



ScreenwritingU Professional Screenwriting Program

March 1, 2013 to November 1, 2013

Action, Comedy and Romance Screenwriting


Mediabistro Writing Programs

January 1, 2011 to December 30, 2011

Short Story Writing, Writing the TV Pilot, Young Adult Novel Writing, Novel Writing


ScreenwritingU Comedy Writing for screenplays

October, 2011 to December, 2011

Comedy scriptwriting intensive


Raindance Film Workshop

March, 2011

Saturday Film School, Weekend Directing Workshop


Mindful Events

In designing our bachelor/bachelorette party in Montreal, we crafted the accommodations and sequence of events such that people would feel an atmosphere of fearlessness – it worked and it was a therapeutic weekend for many. A highlight was shooting a music video with the entire group – it was a new experience that while challenging, felt momentous and memorable.

Our wedding was a collaborative effort designed to create an atmosphere of clarity. We crafted the series of events, musical interludes and freedom of choice to draw out our guests’ endless creativity. The guests brought their energy and it turned out to be a joyous celebration. It was a thrill to play the music video we’d shot in the summer at the wedding itself and have many of the guests relive the great memories from that event.


Hi! You’re alive! love stuff.

In truth, this bio is strange. Aren’t we just deterministic energy running through this beautiful wave of life, the razor’s edge of time? Yeah, so this ‘Neil’ is … a “life enthusiast”, as deemed by a close friend. I’m also a celebration designer and film writer/director. I craft to try and express life through art so people can feel alive. I mean we work so hard in our daily jobs, so I wish that our entertainment can one day be nourishing and fulfilling and celebrate that we’re alive.